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Free Fall Through Midnight

Free Fall Through Midnight

Model: Ashley Addison

She was once a goddess of light, but he stole her essence and cast her into the abyss. She became the embodiment of midnight, drifting in the void. Sometimes, she would see a spark of hope and reach out to it, but every time she did, she would lose a part of herself. Her skin would peel away like paint ribbons, revealing her bones. Her face would show an exposed skull. Her hair would look like splattered paint. She did not know if she was falling or flying, free or doomed. She only knew that she was freefalling through midnight.
Subcategory:Digital Compositions
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Keywords:&, and, art, artwork, black, blood, bone, dark, falling, female, freefall, lady, macabre, nude, skeleton, skull, splatter, white, woman