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Freak Like Me

Freak Like Me

Model: Shannon Dunne

In the grand marble palace, beyond the mortal realm, lived a being known only as the "Freak Like Me." Her appearance was a strange and terrifying sight to behold, with multiple hands protruding from her body in various locations. She was a being of great power, with a heart that beat with a deep love for all creatures.

The palace was a place of ethereal beauty, filled with pastel colors of pinks, reds, purples, and blues, much like the artwork that depicted the Freak Like Me. But beneath the surface of this beautiful world, the Freak Like Me struggled.

Her many hands were not a gift but a curse, a constant reminder of her difference from the rest of the world. She had been born into a world that did not understand her, and the many hands that protruded from her body only added to the fear and rejection that she faced.

The Freak Like Me had the power to heal, to bring hope to the world, but she was also trapped in her own struggle. She longed for acceptance, for understanding, but it seemed that the rest of the palace would never accept her for who she truly was.

And so, she continued to roam the grand halls of the palace, her many hands always ready to aid those in need. But the pain and the struggle never left her. It was a constant battle, one that she fought with every fiber of her being.

As the years passed, the Freak Like Me began to realize that her curse was not just physical, but emotional as well. The pain and rejection had taken their toll on her, and she found herself struggling to hold onto the love that she had once held so dear.

And in the midst of all her pain, there was the hand that clutched her heart. It was a hand of her own, a reminder of the love that she held so dear, but also a reminder of the pain that came with that love. Her heart was heavy, burdened with the weight of a world that would never truly accept her for who she was.

One day, as she stood alone in the grand halls of the palace, with her many hands raised in a gesture of peace, she let out a loud screech. It was a cry of pain, a cry of frustration, and a cry for help.

To her surprise, a gentle hand reached out to her. It was the hand of a kindred spirit, another being who had also been rejected by the rest of the palace. And in that moment, the Freak Like Me knew that she was not alone.
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