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Pain, Truth, and ChoicePain, Truth, and ChoiceModel: Samantha Siren

Art created by manipulating photographs in a skillful manner with the intent to show expression and application of human creative skill & imagination.

My artwork is produced to be appreciated primarily for it's beauty & emotional power, but also appreciated for it's technical complexity & attention to detail. There are very few photo manipulation artists that exist, and even fewer that create artwork that resemble what I create. For those who have never seen anything like it, I hope that my artwork serves as a good introduction to photo manipulation as an art form. I hope it inspires others to research what photo manipulation art is all about, and to discover how it is just as much an art form as drawing or painting is. Dreams, nightmares, and thoughts of "what it means to be human" often inspire my work. Each of my pieces of work contains hundreds of digital layers; These layers are painstakingly blended together, seamlessly, to create bizarre, surrealistic imagery. I hope you enjoy my work and share it with others.

-A.J. Olson