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Art by: A.J. Olson

The Seven Skulls of Fibonacci are a mysterious and ancient artifact that hold the secrets of the universe. They are carved from a rare and hard stone that is grey in appearance, and each one bears a number on its forehead that corresponds to the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical pattern that is found throughout nature and related to the golden ratio. The skulls are arranged in a spiral formation that mimics this pattern, creating a harmonious and symmetrical design.

The origin of these skulls is unknown, but legends say they were created by an advanced civilization that mastered the power of stone and mathematics. Some say they were Atlanteans, others say they were aliens, and others say they were gods. Whoever they were, they left behind these skulls as a testament to their knowledge and wisdom.

The skulls are said to have mystical properties that can unlock the mysteries of creation and destruction. They can reveal the secrets of life and death, time and space, matter and energy. They can also grant incredible abilities or curses to those who possess them or come into contact with them.

The skulls are hidden in a dark realm between worlds, where only the brave or foolish dare to venture. They are surrounded by smoke and darkness, creating an ominous atmosphere. They have no lower jaws attached, giving them a sinister appearance.

The Seven Skulls of Fibonacci are a legendary artifact that capture the beauty and mystery of the universe. They invite us to imagine their origin and purpose, their power and danger. They challenge us to explore our own curiosity and courage in seeking out the unknown.
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