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Be Yourself

Be Yourself

Model: Rose Noir

In the realm of the divine, there existed a creature known as the "Be Yourself". She was a symbol of individuality and self-expression, a living embodiment of the idea that one should always be true to oneself.

Her appearance was unusual, yet beautiful in its own way. Her plump, curvaceous body and paint-like skin made her stand out in a sea of perfect, pristine creatures. Her face, with its missing nose and mouth, spoke of a deeper wisdom that lay beyond the realm of words.

But it was her arms that truly set her apart. Two full-sized arms emerged from her left shoulder, each one possessing its own unique identity and purpose. On her right side, she had a normal arm, but where her elbow would normally be, she had a third breast that acted as a joint. This joint split into both the forearm of her normal arm and a smaller arm with a smaller hand.

Despite her unusual appearance, Be Yourself was greatly revered by those who knew her. She possessed a powerful magic that allowed her to see into the hearts and souls of others, helping them to find their own path and purpose in life.

As she wandered through the realms of the divine, she encountered many who were lost and adrift. Some were seeking love, others were searching for meaning, and still others were simply looking for a way to be happy.

Be Yourself would always approach these individuals with kindness and understanding, using her unique gifts to help them see their true selves and find their way forward.

In time, her reputation grew far and wide, and many sought her out for guidance and counsel. Some even worshipped her as a goddess, seeing in her a divine spark that could light the way to a better world.

And so Be Yourself continued on her journey, a creature of myth and mystery, spreading her message of love and acceptance to all who would hear it. For she knew that, in the end, the most important thing was to be true to oneself, no matter what others might say or think. Her unusual appearance only served to emphasize this message, reminding all who saw her that it was our differences that made us unique and beautiful.
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Keywords:Nude, arms, drip, eyes, face, hair, hands, multiple, no, paint, painting, woman