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Model: Romany Suicide

In the depths of the underworld, there existed a being known as Zombie. She was a creature of great power and malevolence, feared and revered by all who knew of her. Her skin was orange and her eyes were piercing yellow, a reflection of the infernal power that coursed through her veins. And on her face, where a nose and mouth would normally be, was a large, red labia, pierced with a single hoop of jewelry.

The labia was a symbol of Zombie's twisted nature, a curse that had been bestowed upon her from the moment of her birth. But in the underworld, where the rules of mortal society no longer applied, the labia became a source of power for Zombie, a symbol of her dominance over all who dared to cross her path.

Zombie's power was absolute, and her wrath was feared by all who knew of her. It was said that she could twist the fabric of reality itself, that she could make the dead rise from their graves and the living cower in fear. And it was said that she had tamed a snake, a creature of great knowledge and wisdom, but also of great danger.

The snake was Zombie's trusted companion, coiled around her bald head and whispering secrets into her ear. Its presence was both mesmerizing and terrifying, for the snake was said to be a creature of great knowledge and wisdom, but also of great danger. Its hissing voice was like the sound of the wind in a haunted forest, and those who heard it could feel their minds unraveling with the weight of its knowledge.

But Zombie was different. She had tamed the snake with her infernal powers, bending it to her will and making it her own. And though the snake remained a source of terror and awe for those who dared to look upon it, it was also a symbol of Zombie's mastery over the forces of the underworld.

It was said that Zombie had once been a mortal, a woman who had dared to challenge the gods themselves. For her hubris, she had been cast down into the underworld, where she had been reborn as the creature that she now was. But her mortal past was long forgotten, and her infernal power had made her more than human.

To this day, Zombie remains a creature of myth and legend, a being whose power and malevolence are spoken of in hushed whispers by those who fear her wrath. And though the labia on her face is a source of terror and revulsion, it is also a symbol of her otherworldly power, a reminder of the dark magic that lies at the heart of the underworld. And as long as Zombie reigns over the realm of the dead, her power will remain absolute, and her wrath will be feared by all who dare to cross her path.
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