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Succubus Zealot

Succubus Zealot

Model: Romany Suicide

In the days of old, when knights roamed the land and magic was feared and revered, there were creatures known as Succubus Zealots. They were demons of feminine form, with a skull for a head and a long tongue that flicked out like a serpent's. Their collars were spiked and enchanted, granting them the power to control lesser demons.

But it was their breasts that were truly fearsome. Each one was a mouth filled with razor-sharp teeth and a long, writhing tongue. The Succubus Zealots would use them to devour the flesh of their victims, leaving nothing behind but bones. Their ribcages were black and skeletal, jutting out from their chests like a macabre display of death.

And then, there was the area below their waist, which was just a giant mouth with many teeth and a large tongue. It was said that they could swallow a man whole with one swift motion, dragging him down into the fiery pits of Hell where they would feast on his soul.

The Succubus Zealots were not all the same, however. Some had wings tipped with magma, like the flames of a volcano. Others had wings made of pure darkness, which swallowed up all light in their vicinity. And still, others had wings of bone, which creaked and groaned with each flap.

These creatures were not to be trifled with. They were powerful and cunning, and they hungered for the flesh of men. It was said that they could seduce a man with just a glance, luring him into their clutches and then tearing him apart with their teeth.

But there were those who knew how to deal with the Succubus Zealots. The knights of the realm, with their swords and their holy water, were able to fend them off. The wizards, with their spells and their potions, were able to trap them. And the priests, with their prayers and their holy symbols, were able to banish them back to the depths of Hell where they belonged.

So beware, traveler, of the Succubus Zealots. They are creatures of nightmare and legend, and they will stop at nothing to satisfy their hunger for flesh and souls.
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